Avery More, Chairman & CEO, TruLogica, Inc.
“We recently engaged Rob Brown of RDB Consulting to design and develop a three-day customer training course for our new flagship software product. A major new customer was acquired, and we had to quickly train them on the newest version of our software. We had a very tight deadline that was compounded by the number of new features introduced in the latest release. Nevertheless, Rob Brown produced and delivered all the needed course materials on schedule and within budget. The after-training evaluations we received from the training participants were extremely positive. We were able to deliver a professional-quality training course to our new customer on schedule, thanks to Rob Brown and RDB Consulting.”

Gordon Sellers, VP of Sales and Marketing, Fuego, Inc.
“Rob Brown injected a whole new level of professionalism into our training and documentation efforts at Fuego. His project management skills, thoroughness, attention to detail, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right combined to raise the bar regarding the quality and completeness of our training, user guides and online help. Rob established processes so all stakeholders in the company-from the developers to the sales staff to the customer support desk personnel-are actively engaged in ensuring that all training and documentation is technically accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with our key marketing and sales messages. Having first-class, award-winning training and performance support materials for our software has been an important factor in Fuego's recent upswing in sales.”

Dan Atwood, Director of Training, Fuego, Inc.
“The awards Fuego received in 2004 from the Society for Technical Communications for its training and documentation are due to Rob Brown's leadership, dedication and experience.”